Pizzagate: and the Research that nobody wanted to do

The Seed

The past decade could be defined as the decade in which Truth died. We arguably live in a post-truth world”in which facts are viewed as irrelevant, or less important than personal beliefs and opinions, and emotional appeals are used to influence public opinion” [from]. That information ecosystem creates extremely fertile ground for the creation, growth, and proliferation of conspiracy theories. And the more I interact with QAnon, the Disclosure community, and the average conspiratorial minded MAGA head, the more it has become clear that the cheesie center to all of these worldviews is the supposed “revelation” pulled from the Podesta Emails (dropped to Wikileaks) collectively known as Pizzagate. These emails supposedly prove that Podesta and other high-level democrats are trafficing children to either rape, eat, or kill them (possibly all three) in an effort to either extract their life essence (in the form of adrenochrome) or as some elaborate plot to ensure a culture of blackmail (where members of The Cabal have the ultimate dirt on each other).

With Pizzagate on my mind, and having just returned from a much needed Holiday – renewed and refreshed – I got to work, researching and writing about the rise of extremist, right wing ideology as it manifests in conspiracy theories like QAnon. Part of my focus (and indeed, much of my motivation) for this research is that a close friend of mine was pulled down the rabbit hole: going from a hippie, dead-head to a red-pilled, QAnon obsessed MAGA bro. For the sake of anonymity, let’s call him Aaron. So, I decided to retrace the steps he took down that path by going through his Facebook Timeline, one meme at a time.

In the winter of 2016, weeks after Trump had been elected, Aaron had not yet been red-pilled. Here are some examples of the stuff he was posting at the time:

Along with posts mocking Trump, you have memes mocking Hillary. It is important to note, that Aaron was a Bernie Sanders supporter at the time, and was critical of authority and governments in general. But his stance against Hillary and his opinions about her “crimes” would turn out to be the perfect conditions for Pizzagate to get its hooks in.

While screencapping bad memes and fact checking miscredited quotes, I came upon a curious blog post that Aaron had shared just as 2016 was coming to a close. The post, ENDGAME: Disclosure and the Final Defeat of the Cabal, was written by David Wilcock and Corey Goode (both members of the Channeling, Starseed, Ufology, Disclosure, Ancient Aliens community).

2020-01-02 (11)

In this post, we can see clear references to a “civilian-led investigation” dedicated to the “exposure and defeat” of a shadowy “Cabal” almost a full year before QAnon. It is important to remember that QAnon rose out of a loose connection of conspiracy minded “researchers” that included the UFO crowd from the beginning.

Now, for as long as I have known Aaron he has been into ufology, channeling, pseudoarchaeology, and mysticism. In 2016, I would’ve called both of us hippies (he took me to my first Dead show, after all), a designation that should call to mind an undefined spiritualism, an directionless anti-authoritarian streak, and a unrepentant taste for psychedelics.

It is important to keep all of this in mind, because without this context the next part wouldn’t make much sense. As a hippie, he had been conditioned to believe that the ‘government’ (as an abstract entity) was lying to the American people: about vaccines, about medicines (like marijuana and mushrooms), about wars (which they are). As a UFOlogist, he was convinced that both the government and mass media were working together to cover up the existence of extraterrestrials, UFOs, and the secret wars they have been waging in space. And as a Deadhead (a super fan of the Grateful Dead) he learned to identify with a larger tribe through a cult-like obsession, his allegiance displayed proudly through branded merchandise.

It is for these reasons, that in 2016, the message of David Wilcock and Corey Goode must have seemed like a revelation to Aaron and others like him. Take this section from ENDGAME: Disclosure and the Final Defeat of the Cabal as an example. After ranting about PropOrNot (an anonymous effort to try and keep track of Russian propaganda) and implying (falsely) that the list of sites PropOrNot put forward was somehow sanctioned by mass media (in fact,their methods were rightfully criticized in this in depth piece from The New Yorker), David explains that “YOU GET TO DECIDE WHAT IS TRUTH”.2020-01-07 (1)

This seems to acknowledge the reality of a post-truth world , but through a sort of fun-house mirror where that new reality allows us to “choose to believe” whatever we want. Regardless of what marketing campaigns, reality television shows, and for-prophet news media have done to our perception of objective reality, objective reality remains a reality.

In episode 3 season 1 of their show Cosmic Disclosure (on Gaia TV, a subscription service dedicated to alternative medicine, yoga, and conspiracy theories), David Wilcock explains where he got all of the supposedly secret information that is the subject of his and Corey’s blogs, shows, and documentaries:

I want to emphasize once again that this material is highly controversial, and that you probably have not heard anything like this before unless you have been following what we have been talking about. I do want to make it clear one more time that I have investigated this subject for many, many years – I’ve been in contact with insiders for over twenty years – and I’ve spoken to dozens of people with different types of classified clearance.

This statement is never verified or any evidence given, but it is often repeated. One of David Wilcock’s main narratives is that Corey Goode, a ‘whistleblower’, was taken into the Secret Space Program at the age of 12 by Blue Avian aliens, one of many species in a Star Trek like federation of aliens. I will let the reader decide if they want to believe Corey and David. But, to Aaron, someone who had already been conditioned to believe in this kind of story – David’s claim rang true. And Aaron believed him.

But it was a poison seed hidden within this supposed UFO ‘whistleblowing’ that would send my friend down a path he has yet to come back from. Right below the section where David explains how much the media lies to you (using other conspiracy theorists words, mostly), is a section on Pizzagate.


At the top of this section, David claims that “15 percent or so of people” still listen to what he calls “state-run corporate media,” a perfect example of how David and huxters like him will make up a random percentage and just move on, as if they have made a point.

Next, he says that Pizzagate “started when specific food-related words like pizza, hot-dog, cheese, pasta, sauce, ice cream and walnut” were found in “high frequency” in the Podesta emails dumped to Wikileaks. Later in this post he will claim that “there are 149 instances of pizza” in the podesta emails and that these code words “often appear in very, very bizarre contexts that have nothing to do with food. That is one key element of Pizzagate.”

But is this true? I mean, obviously these crack researchers looked through the emails, right? I mean, to accuse people of some of the most horrific deeds you could imagine (kidnapping, cannibalism, pedophilia, etc.), you would expect that they did the legwork of reading each email to assess whether the instances of ‘pizza’ were actually used in “very, very bizzare contexts,” right? Surely, the metaphorical pill that my friend Aaron swallowed was based on solid, diligent research, right?

Spoiler alert: nope. It looks like almost no research was even done. The number 149? A word search for ‘pizza’ turns up 149 results in the Podesta emails. And, how many of those mentions of ‘pizza’ are bizarre? In my opinion, zero. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Though none of these emails were ever intended to go public, they have been made public, and that means that you can read them.

So, that is what I did. All 149 of them. This is what I found.


The Numbers

Okay, before going over these emails I want to make something clear. It takes exponentially more time and effort to debunk wild conspiracies theory then it does to spout them off.

This number, 149, is presented as evidence. It is a piece of information that took maybe two minutes to come by. A few other researchers read some of the emails, but as I will prove, they didn’t understand the meaning or the context of what they were reading. They brought with them a suspicion that the Democrats were into pedophilia (based on conspiratorial thinking surrounding another email dump), and they brought with them an understanding of 4chan slang. You see, on 4chan, a website where users were permitted almost every freedom, they still had to hide their discussions of child pornography. To this end, they would abbreviate it to CP which later became Cheese Pizza (among other things).

That is why, when these ‘channers came across what they considered a large amount of pizza references in the Podesta emails, they assumed that Democrats in the ‘Cabal’ would use the same slang as 4chan users. That’s it. The rest of the theories orbiting Pizzagate are all just extrapolations of that assumption.

With that said, let’s get to the numbers.

There are more than 2000 of the Podesta emails. Perhaps, in time, I will have to read through them all (please don’t make me!), but for this article I wanted to focus on what I see as the core of Pizzagate, the 149 emails that mention pizza.

2020-01-12 (3)

The most important thing to know about this number, 149, is that it is a bad representation of how much “pizza” actually appears in Podesta’s communication. Think about your own email for a minute, how much of your inbox are intentional communication from one party to another? How much of it is junk mail? Have you signed up for any newsletters or news story roundups? How often are you cc’d on work emails? Ever been invited to a fundraiser? If you’re anything like the average email user, you might see where this is going.

Of the 149 pizza related emails, 45 are reprinted news stories. Most of these are compilations of news stories that mentioned either Podesta himself, or Hillary Clinton, collected by campaign staffers and sent to Podesta and others on the campaign. This is routine when it comes to big campaigns like Hillary’s. These campaigns like to keep track of the news coverage surrounding their candidate so they can be working out responses that make strategic political sense. This kind of spin is something that you could criticize Hillary and the larger Democratic establishment for, along with a host of other things, but it’s pizza they are worried about. So, we can take those out of the picture (as it wasn’t Podesta or anyone around him using the word).

Of the 104 remaining emails, 23 are from a Google Groups address called “big campaign”. A Google Groups works like a group email address, forwarding every message to each member of the group. I have read through these emails and would call them receipts, basically, where campaign staff would keep track of how much different groups were spending. For example:

2020-01-12 (2)

Every mention of pizza in these ‘big campaign’ emails is just like the one you see here, a record of how much was spent by the campaign at Papa John’s. For that reason, we can safely remove this batch of emails from the bunch.

Now, of the 81 emails left after removing the news updates and receipts, 2 of them are advertisements (junk mail) and can be ignored. That makes 79! But wait, there are still more that we can toss out. 10 of the emails are political campaigns (like Barack Obama’s) asking for donations (usually small donations of $15 or $20). Some contain anecdotes like how if you forgo eating pizza for just one night, you could afford to help out the campaign with the $15 you would have spent on the pizza – that sort of thing. Others are thank you letters for attending fundraisers with pasta and pizza. Since these are official communications from other campaigns and are not from Podesta himself (or anyone closely connected to him), we can remove them as well.

Of the 69 pizza emails remaining, 16 of them are from Georgetown Law, where John Podesta is part of the faculty. These emails are mostly emails sent out automatically to all faculty members or to all students and faculty. These too, can be tossed out, because the mentions of pizza in them do not come from Podesta and are as innocuous as could be.

2020-01-12 (5)

Next, of the 53 pizza emails we haven’t been able to dismiss as being very unbizarre and/or unrelated to or said by Podesta, 3 of them are requests from the Hillary campaign to make some fundraising calls to wealthy donors. This is another area for which one might find some valid criticism, if one was so inclined to getting money out of politics, but that isn’t as spicy as a demonic cabal of pedophiles, I guess. The mentions of pizza here are also coincidental. For example, one of the people John is supposed to call owns a franchise of Pizza Huts (that’s it).

So, if you were counting, I was able to establish that 99 of these emails did not contain any strange, suspicious, or bizarre cases of pizza being used as code. In fact, most of those 99 emails do not contain any communication to or from Podesta, being mostly reprinted news articles and receipts for campaign finance records.

That makes just 50 out of the 149 that was originally cited as damning evidence of coded pedophilia. 50 pizza emails sent to John Podesta or by him, over a span of almost 9 years. That’s right, the Podesta emails range from 2007 to 2016. If 149 is a suspiciously large number to conspiracy theorists like Wilcock, is 50?

Actually, a more accurate count would be less than half that. You see, something that the Pizzagate researchers did not discover (most likely, because they didn’t look) is that a lot of these instances of pizza that are showing up in the search results are multiple entries from a back-and-forth email chain between two or more people. Take this email, for example: an email with the subject “You two free for dinner on 12 or 13 January?”, a back-and-forth between John, Mary, and Tony Podesta in which Tony invites John and Mary for dinner. This email chain is counted in the search results as 9 results because the whole conversation was 9 messages long.

2020-01-12 (7)

In other words, each version of the email was counted as a unique result. The only problem with this is that there is exactly mention of pizza in the whole conversation. 1 instance, counted 9 times. Tony says, ” Would love to get a pizza for an hour? Or come over” and the other 8 messages are the three family members trying to figure out a date to eat dinner. They also do a bit of catching up in the process – you know, as families are known to do.

So we can subtract 8 from that remaining 50, which brings us to 42. But, we are still not done. Many of the other emails were also reply chains (single results being counted multiple times) – this ended up inflating the number even more. Like the email chain “Re: Dinner in DC,” which is 12 messages long, with only 4 mentions of pizza – specifically a “pizza oven,” which I am going to count (for now). Bringing the count down further to 34.

2020-01-12 (11)

This email is a good representation of what most of the remaining emails are like. This is part of a larger email chain where Ashok and Amrita Mahbubani discuss dinner plans with Tony Podesta, they communicate that they are “committed to finding an evening when we can cook at your place. We can do it on a weekend – ideally, one when you know Mary and John will be in town.” In the excerpt pictured above, Amrita suggests that “we can shop together earlier for meats/fish etc.” which suggests that Tony is something of a foodie.

The cuts continue: the email “pizza.jpg” has 1 duplicate; “Good Morning from Qatar” has 1 duplicate; “Did you leave a handkerchief” has 2 duplicates; “Evening Train Roundup” has 1 duplicate; “Fwd: INVITE: Hillary for America / October 6” has 1 duplicate; “815 dinner at Marta” has 2 duplicates; “Hillary pizza party April 10” has 4 duplicates. When we remove these final 12 duplicates, we get 22.

After digging into this number 149, we are able to disregard 127 of the search results. These are instances of pizza being used in ways that in no way could be construed as John Podesta using code. And if a researcher was actually trying to get an accurate count, these are the steps you would have to go through. It may have seemed a bit long winded (it wasn’t fun for me either, mind you), but I feel like it is necessary to show my work.

To reiterate, that is 22 uses of the word pizza over almost 9 years. In my opinion, this doesn’t seem out of the ordinary for someone like John Podesta, active in political campaigns and known to organize catered fundraisers. Do I need to say that pizza is one of the most well liked foods in America, and therefore makes a perfect choice for any big event?


The Pizza Emails

Doing this work made me sick at times. Not because I had discovered some sort of secret pedo conspiracy. As you will see, the emails I am about to go over prove nothing outside of the context in which they were sent and received. John Podesta and his brother Tony apparently like to eat pizza. They even take part in planning fundraisers for a political campaign – fundraisers that feature pizza (gasp!). A few dinner parties are even planned, while other plans seem to fall through.

No, what made me so sick – so uncomfortable – was the sense that something had to have gone horribly wrong in this world to have put me in this voyeuristic situation. But however wrong it felt, I kept going. I felt like I had to. The claim that the Podesta emails proved that the Democrats and their cohorts were secretly involved in some sort of satanic pedophile cult is repeated far and wide across the internet: from the most esoteric QAnon followers and the culture-warrior MAGA moms on twitter, to casual FOX News viewers you meet on the street. This lie has made its way through far left circles as well, eager for a narrative that demonizes the Democratic establishment. This is arguably why many who supported Bernie in the 2016 primaries found it impossible to vote for Hillary in the general election.


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  1. Thanks so much for putting in the legwork on this. I have an acquaintance who is in the Qult, and I’ve been working on him for awhile to see through it. Would you mind sharing with me the 22 emails that remain after you sift out the duplicates and everything? If I can show him there’s nothing nefarious in those then I might just convince him.


    1. Hmm, Epstein was tried in a court of law for Pedophilia. He entertained many high profile people at his secluded mansion in Manchester. Yet, you don’t think there’s a sliver of a possibility that some of his friends may have enjoyed younger women as well. Not so far fetched to me.

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      1. Search Wikileaks for the word “skippy”. (Podesta’s other evil name he uses). From there you’ll find lots of info that then leads you to discovering even more pedo affiliated sites and incriminating info. These creeps need to be stopped.


    2. Wow this is the most ignorant article ever you’re an idiot. You didn’t debunk anything you dead missed them talking about more than just pizza but ok.

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      1. Sounds like someone missed their yoga class this morning. How about you make a point rather than just name calling? Look in the mirror.


      2. I agree. He only talked about one topic. Wheres the rest. Hotdogs, ice cream, walnuts, the pictures in his home and his brothers. The connection with James alefantis, and the reason comet ping ping came up in the first place. You didn’t debunk shit. You chose a narrative and found your way to make it fit your article

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    3. So where are the odd emails about hotdogs? And the strange handkerchief with map left behind. I looked at a small few of them and there was no other way to interpret it… I was actually arguing with a Trumper and quite honestly they won that debate. I love a good debate. Bring facts and let’s have at it. Unfortunately no one used facts today! If you try and debate with facts their rebuttal is almost always about racism, homophobia or anything else other than the facts we were originally debating… very interesting indeed.


    4. If you looked deeper, maybe into the home of P0desta himself, you would see what is really at work here. Where his artwork tells another story that you wouldn’t tell, likely because you aren’t intelligent enough to look closer.
      Or, maybe look into Epstein’s visitor’s log for “pedo island” (Little St. James). Wait- that’s all just a lie too, right? Bills Clint0n and Gates were never there, right? Nor Prince Andrew? No pedophelia there!! Nor the Catholic Church. Just crazy conspiracy theories, right?


    1. So I guess the FBI’s own pedophilia symbols publication (which you didn’t bother to reference here) is also fake news? Match it up to a few of Podesta and Hillary’s emails, and it sure looks bad to me. That took 2 sentences. Clear and to the point.

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  2. Very impressive legwork but it is still only raw data. Please add info, if possible on how we, the ppl can use it in an argument since – the usual response from most is ‘to change the subject’, how to summarize the info and apply it in a real life intervention. Most of my friends are engineers and human sciences personnel and I can not get a wedge in with either branch, HS says it is to polemic in order to avoid confrontation and the engineers just deny the mathematics of the obvious situation. I just had such convo with them last nite and one of the engineers stated that it was time to rip his diploma and go get drunk and the HS friend just thanked (not me) that the subject was dropped from the thread.


  3. I think ur a pedophile trying to protect pedophiles! Anyone with a brain can tell they use pizza, pasta, n hotdogs OUT OF CONTEXT! N Y WOULD ALL THOSE WORDS MATCH THE FBI’S LUST OF CODE WORDS FOR PEDOPHILIA?? If presented with EVERYTHING, like Weiners laptop, clintons body count, n ALL THE PEDOPHILES CLINTON N OBAMA R CONNECTED TO…… PLUS JEFFERY EPSTEIN?? My CONCLUSION is YOU’RE a PEDOPHILE!

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  4. It’s weird that you put in the “ research “ but never mentioned the actual emails that had words such as “ torture chamber “ and “ sacrificing a chicken to Molok “ Jesus I swear I can find more compelling evidence faster than reading this post. How can you honestly say you looked into this and all you did was show the emails no one refers too. It’s so dumb that you try to pass it off as it’s “ nothing “ but anyone who has seen the emails know wtf is going on

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  5. Um. You spent paragraphs talking about numbers that dont matter AT ALL. It is what was said. Hillary told Huma A. to bring a hammer to comet pizza because nothing gets her more excited than “sacrifice night.” One stated that Obama spent $65,000 of taxpayers money on “hamburgers” and “hot dogs” and then asked “are we using the same channels” (to get those things, AKA children/ boys and girls). Anyone who legitimately looks into this will not think it is fake. You are doing a disservice to the entire world by not actually posting what was there. You avoided the subject. You’re either one of them or protecting them for some reason.

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    1. The “Hammer” story was an internet hoax that a man created to see if he could create a storm..and he did. Go to Wikileaks, and use the search filter and CTRL+F and you can search all of these phrases specifically. I went down the same rabbit hole this guy did. Its a lot of work. I still believe there is a group of unrealistically powerful people who abuse children because they are desensitized because of the amount of money and power they have. This crazy shit is not far fetched. The claim about the hammer is false unfortunately, clever, but false.

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  6. Do you mind providing evidence based on the “bring the hammer?” I’ve been looking real hard for it and can’t find it anywhere. I want to believe and don’t want to believe at the same time. The Clintons should be in jail regardless.


  7. Your efforts to debunk pizzagate, was clearly a complete waste of time. If one didn’t know of any better, they may consider you a part of the pedo ring.
    It is clear that pizza, pasta and hotdogs are being used as code words, and have been verified by authorities as code words for pedophilia.
    Hopefully you too will go down with the rest of your sick pedo friends.

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  8. All well and good, but how do you rationalize the email from hillary “tonight I will sacrifice a chicken in the backyard to Moloch”?

    Just a regular old political fundraiser?

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  9. So, really the only thing you did here was show talk about the number of emails. That’s a good start, but you did not debunk the main point of it, which is the suspicious emails. There may not be 149 of them, but they’re still there, along with other evidence aside from the emails. I also do not ever hear “149” as a reason to believe pizzagate… it isn’t about the number of emails. Imo you didn’t debunk anything.


  10. Here are the senders and recipients of the above “pizza” emails in alphabetical order, and, where relevant, what they wrote in the “pizza” emails:

    (1) James Alefantis , the 49th post powerful person in Washington DC. On Oct. 4, 2008, he wrote to John Podesta presumably about a fundraiser at Comet Ping Pong:

    “Great show! Great speech. Raised over 40 grand. My only regret is I did not make you a nice pizza. When can I?”

    On March 19, 2016, at 5:30 PM, Alefantis sent a joke logo for a “Hillary party” (fundraiser?) to John Podesta’s brother, Tony (#13 below) and Nora Cox-Peled (#3 below) with this email message:

    “My graphics guy sent this. No not forward 🙂 “

    Note that the arrow in Hillary’s logo is pointing to the pizza.

    (2) Catherine Chieco , a D.C. writer/consultant who donated $1,000 in 2004 to the John Kerry presidential campaign. On Oct. 20, 2015, at 6:22 pm, she wrote to James Alefantis and others re. “Friday night at posto for Tony [Podesta]’s birthday”:

    “Will you join us? Small gathering a few days before the pizza extravaganza. Time PDA but probably 7:30 ish. RSVP please!”

    (3) Nora Cox-Peled , Special Assistant to the Chairman (John Podesta), Podesta Group, August 2015 to August 2016.

    (4) Tom Cunningham , Vice President of Business Development at Universal Air Travel Plan Inc. (UATP), Washington, D.C.; former legislative assistant to a U.S. Representative.

    (5) Leslie Dach , businessman; as Senior Counselor at DHS of Obama administration, he worked on promoting Obamacare; aide in Clinton administration; former Executive VP at Wal-Mart (Wikipedia).

    (6) Paula Dailey , artist/writer/editor at Artz Road Studios, Washington DC (LinkedIn).

    (7) Brian Dailey , 65-year-old husband of Paula Daily; a D.C. “artist noted for his careers in both art and international relations,” whose life experiences “include national level involvement in arms control, space policy, intelligence systems, and international security” in the Pentagon, Senate Armed Service Committee, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and White House National Space Council. (Wikipedia)

    (8) Mary Dickie , nutritionist/dietician in Washington, DC. (Source)

    (9) Peter Kadzik , Assistant Attorney General of the Obama administration; close friend of John Podesta who dined together the day after Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony before the House. (Gateway Pundit)

    (10) Alan Kriegel :

    I found a Twitter account of an Ari Kriegel @ajkriegel, but it’s set to private.
    I found an Elan Kriegel, who was Director of Analytics for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. (Politico)
    FOTM reader Maryaha found an Alan J. Kriegel, who was or is an attorney at Skadden Law in DC. He attended Georgetown University Law Center, and is listed as a First Year Student 1974/75. His wife is Hinda S. Kriegel. The addresses linked to him are all in the same area as Comet Ping Pong. Here is another email between Alan and John Podesta from Wikileaks:

    (11) John Podesta , chairman of 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. On Sept. 4, 2014, at 2:28 am, he responded to an email from Susan Sandler (see #14 below) re. “Did you leave a handkerchief“:

    “It’s mine, but not worth worrying about.”

    On March 3, 2016, at 6:40 pm, he wrote in response to an email from his brother, Tony, one of the most powerful Democrat lobbyists in Washington, D.C.:

    “I’m going to pass. I have too much to do before heading to Michigan tomorrow. No need for pizza.”

    (12) Mary Podesta , wife of John Podesta.

    (13) Tony Podesta , John’s brother. On March 3, 2016, he wrote to John Podesta:

    “29 at between park and Madison right around corner. Let me know. Or I could bring a pizza home.”

    On Jan. 6, 2014, at 10:12 pm, he wrote:

    “Mary not free. Would love to get a pizza for an hour? Or come over”

    (14) Herbert Sandler , billionaire father of Susan Sandler (#15 below); Herbert and wife Marion, as CEOs of Golden West Financial Corporation and World Savings Bank, were notorious players in the 2008 financial crisis. On Dec. 24, 2015, Herbert Sandler wrote to John & Mary Podesta:

    “Mary and John, I think you should give notice when changing strategies which have long been in place. I immediately realize something was different by the shape of the box and I contemplated who would be sending me something in the square shaped box. Lo and behold, instead of pasta and wonderful sauces, it was a lovely, tempting assortment of cheeses, Yummy. I am awaiting the return of my children and grandchildren from their holiday travels so that we can demolish them. Thank you so much. I hope you and your gang are well. I miss you both. Best wishes fro a merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Herb. Ps. Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta?”

    (15) Susan Sandler , daughter of Herbert Sandler; member of Democracy Alliance, a powerful money group that funds Black Lives Matter (see “The white elites who fund Black Lives Matter“). On Sept. 2, 2014, at 2:54 pm, she wrote to John Podesta:

    “Hi John, The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related.) Is it yorus [sic]? They can send it if you want. I know you’re busy, so feel free not to respond if it’s not yours or you don’t want it.”

    (16) Eryn Sepp , assistant to John Podesta at the Center for American Progress (CAP).

    (17) Todd Stern , appointed by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to be U.S. Special Envoy for Climate Change (2009-April 1, 2016). On Sept. 3, 2015, at 5:17 PM, he wrote to John Podesta:

    “The next three months are going to be rougher internally than in Beijing. Between 7th and 1600, no fun. Hope you’re doing ok. I’m dreaming about your hotdog stand in Hawaii…”

    (18) Kathryn Tate , . On Sept. 2, 2014, at 10:04 AM, she wrote this email to Susan Sandler, cc Herbert Sandler, re. “You left something at the Field house”:

    “Susan & Herb, I just came from checking the Field house and I have a square cloth handkerchief (white w/ black) that was left on the kitchen island. Happy to send it via the mail if you let me know where I should send it. I also meant to inquire yesterday about the pillows you purchased. I can send them as well, if you let me know where they are in the house.”

    (19) Amy Weiss , longtime Democratic Party operative; White House Deputy Assistant to the President/Deputy Press Secretary to President Bill Clinton; Communications Director for the Democratic National Committee. (Source)

    (20) Rhett Workman , Managing Director of Government & Airport Affairs for American Airlines.

    Law enforcement authorities and online Urban Dictionary-like resources have identified the words in the Podesta emails, such as “pizza”, “hotdogs”, “cheese”, “sauce”, “pasta”, “handkerchief” and “map”, as code words for child sex trafficking. Writing in code provides pedophiles a cover story in the event their communications, such as the Podesta emails, are discovered.

    Below are the code words, according to The Daily Sheeple and others on the Alt-Media, and examples from the Podesta emails. The words between brackets are the translations of the pedophile code words:

    “cheese” = little girl
    Herbert Sandler to John Podesta: “Lo and behold, instead of pasta [little boys] and wonderful sauces [orgies], it was a lovely, tempting assortment of cheeses [little girls]”
    “hotdog” = boy
    Todd Stern to John Podesta: “I’m dreaming about your hotdog [boy] stand in Hawaii…”
    “ice cream” = male prostitute
    “map” = semen
    Susan Sandler to John Podesta: “The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map [semen] that seems pizza [girl]-related). Is it yours?”
    “pasta” = little boy
    Herbert Sandler: “Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese [little girls] than on pasta [little boys]?”
    “pizza” = girl
    Tony to John Podesta: “Or I could bring a pizza [girl] home” “Would love to get a pizza [girl] for an hour?”
    John to Tony Podesta: “I’m going to pass. I have too much to do before heading to Michigan tomorrow. No need for pizza [girl].”
    James Alefantis to John Podesta: “My only regret is I did not make you a nice pizza [girl]. When can I?”
    “sauce” = orgy
    “walnut” or nuts = person of color

    Liked by 2 people

    1. All the symbols that match FBI records for pedophilia identifiers, Boy lover has come up again in Justin Trudeau’s foundation, this is a man who named his son Hadrian after the biggest pedophile in history, whose lover Antonius was 12 and is the symbol for the man-boy love association…
      He is also the man who dispersed the Jews…


  11. Sooo pizzagate is a thing or isn’t? The article started out strong, but then it just fizzled. I thought for a moment, maybe it continues on another page? I mean I’m coming out of this thinking hey maybe it is true because you didn’t debunk anything. The fact that you didn’t reference the rest of the emails disturbs me.


  12. You completely and utterly should be stripped of any platform that allows you to spew such idiotic drivel. You are intrinsically part of the problem. You are just as narrow-minded as the rest of the dumb Democrats. I have zero patients for ANY of you. Gosh. Go away!

    And Hillary didn’t win, because the American people DON’T TRUST HER.


  13. Aside from what everyone else said and along with what a few others said, it is very obvious that you did exactly what you called out the Gaia guy for doing. Essentially, you debunked the idea that you debunked this theory.


  14. Thank you for the well thought out and deliberate attempt to be objective. But, you and many others before you and afterwards have missed the real evidence. It is objective, it is factual, and there is no denying it. It can all be found in the handkerchief email.

    The key is that it’s not just one email, but two. You can look at the email yourself for details and for the sake of brevity I’ll let you do that yourself, but the gist is that someone finds a handkerchief, thinks it might be podestas but isn’t sure and also can’t get ahold of him to return it, so they contact someone they know who also knows him and may or may know about the handkerchief. They describe the handkerchief to this person as “black w/ white.”

    That person then takes that information and communicates to podesta (I’m paraphrasing here), “hey, these people found a handkerchief, sounds like it has a map and seems pizza related. Is it yours?”

    Lots to go through here. It takes a while, but eventually you must conclude this is code; the English language, or any language really, doesn’t work this way. You don’t hear a person say “hey man I found this black and white thing” and then turn around and say “hey this dude found a pizza related thing that sounds like it could be a map or something” unless black and white and pizza and map mean something different to you than they mean to other people. That’s the definition of a code language.

    Sure, maybe it’s literally a black and white handkerchief with a picture that’s a map and also maybe looks like pizza or something. Ok fine. If that’s true, then the middle man in this situation knows about THIS ONE SPECIFIC HANDKERCHIEF. If that’s the case, why doesn’t he know for sure that it’s johns? And also why isn’t he SURE the handkerchief has a map on it and is pizza related, rather than wondering out loud (in writing actually) if it is or not? I’ll let you ponder that on your own for a while and you should: I did, for days.

    So that’s part 1. It’s objective. You accept that these are real emails, and they are. No one denies it. Then you go through the logic of trying to prove to yourself that these arent code words, and you can’t do it. Rather, the opposite happens; you prove to yourself that they truly are speaking in code.

    Part 2 and 3 get dicey and are no less taxing mentally than part one, but here it goes. The next step is to determine what the code words mean. They could mean anything really. But who speaks in code unless they are hiding something? And who feels they need to hide something in a private email? It just so happens that “white, black, and pizza,” are all in the same category of code words. They all describe sexual preferences within the context of sex trafficking and pedophilia. There’s no denying that sex trafficking is a real and large problem, and there’s obviously a way for people who buy these “products,” and are willing to pay top money for them, to say what they are looking for, specifically. That’s why there’s a code. Codes change over time and that’s why different sources have different explanations for what each word means in the code. But the documentation that there is a code and it includes these words, is indisputable.

    The handkerchief Color code is a separate entity altogether and does not include the term pizza. It’s used by the sadomasochist community, also to communicate specific fetishes or predilections. There’s some crossover here in the colors used, so it’s hard to say how they are used in these emails. But the next part adds some context to the BDSM aspect of all this.

    Part 3: “Map” is not a code word at all, but something way worse. It’s a specific entity, it’s just that 99.9% or people don’t know what it is because they arent practicing satanists. In short, it is a bodily stain (feces, urine, semen, blood) on a piece of cloth (like what handkerchiefs are Intended for actually), that is collected and saved as a token after satanic ritual sexual abuse has occurred. The “map” aspect is that, first, the shape of the fluid is random and non uniform, sort of like what a map of an island looks like. So it’s a decent term to use just based on the way the thing ends up looking in the end. But second, practitioners of satanic ritual abuse believe that it is literally a “map” to, or of, the piece of the persons vitality or life force they just stole and we’re able to claim for themselves as a result of sacrificially raping them. You can watch interviews of survivors of this kind of abuse for verification of this. Kim noble would be a good place to start. She’s a relatively famous artist. There’s also a lot of documentation on what repeated sexual abuse does to a persons psych; satanists believe that when the victim is weakened psychologically, they in turn are strengthened.

    So where are we now? Two, possibly three sets of distinct but specific code or sets of code words, all previously existing with supportive documentation, all pertaining to forms of sexual deviancy, all present in one communication chain. You are left trying to prove that it’s coincidence. The mathematical probability is astoundingly low. I’ve never actually attempted to calculate it in earnest. You can decide for yourself what your personal threshold is for no longer being able to suspend your disbelief. Mine is roughly 1/billion.

    consider the number of words people have in their vocabulary: it’s roughly 10,000. Lets say 1000 of them would work well as code words. And let’s lump “white and black” together as one word, since they are both colors and selecting two colors randomly isn’t the same thing as selecting 2 of any possible words randomly.

    If this is your math (I’m erring on the side of conservative estimates I believe) then there’s about a 1/1000 chance these people picked “black and white” as code words for their own personal secret language that just happened to also be the words sadomasochists use to describe their “tastes.” you have to do that same exercise, separately and independently, for the word “map” and also the word “pizza.” That’s 1/1000 x 1/1000 x 1/1000. So we are already at 1/billion chance these code words were picked randomly and have no bearing or meaning concerning any form of sexual deviancy.

    At this point I assume I’m misjudging things somewhere and downgrade my estimate to idk maybe 1/50. But then I have to multiply it again by the chances that John podesta has art work in his office depicting canabalism (connected to satanism) randomly, and it’s not connected. And that his brother collects art work depicting child abuse and hangs it in his home for everyone to see, randomly, and it’s not connected. That podesta associates himself with Maria abramovich, randomly, who is known for her work reinacting Satanic rituals as an art form. And that she was joking and /or lying when she said during here AMA that she does these rituals in private and then it’s not art anymore, it’s “spiritual.” And that when she invited podesta over for dinner she was joking then also about what kind of dinner it was and what they’d be doing. And it’s not connected. I could go on, but you get the idea.

    Take some time with this. Prove me wrong. I hope you do. None of us enjoy knowing this is true.


    1. hi. i am still reading your comment (and appreciate it, as i also have a few suspicions myself. But (as i read along) have you tried replacing the pizza-as-children to a pizza-as-money, say pac money? doesnt it sound feasible, even likely, that the “handkerchief with a pizza-related map” actually talks about structures in US law that would allow money to be donated to the party/hillary? doesnt pac money require a lot of meanderings and sinuous curves for the money to get to the person it aims at favouring? sorry, just wanted to leave this out there, even if i am still at the beginning of your comment. cheers
      paula schmitt


    2. Excellent! Your rebuttal needs to be posted with every so-called debunked PizzaGate article. Unless one has actually read the emails AND viewed not only Comet Pizza, but the artwork of both Podesta brothers, I suppose this article might be able to mislead a few naive people. I would suggest you present your own “debunking debunking PizzaGate” articles…I confess on round one, I was mislead, and thru the denial mechanism, believed PizzaGate to be debunked. Round 2, I discovered the debunker was none other than David Brock. automatic reversal, if someone understands who he is?! However, even I did not know his relationship to Alefantes. The deeper one travels down the rabbit hole, the more the connecting tunnels go off in different directions, yet they all “circle back” to the same conclusion. It is an almost insurmountable challenge to fill all the holes with concrete; nevertheless it is now or perhaps never. I absolutely enjoyed your criticism of the article, now head on to the next propoganda!


  15. Hi Jurney. I am writing an article and giving you credit for this. Thank you for such a great, necessary work. I am puzzled as to why you are not on twitter, at least to make it easy for us to thank you and link to your work. Anyways, just a humble thank you from a journalist that appreciates your work and won’t pretend i did the research myself… Cheers. Paula Schmitt


    1. Others did the research, and it’s all there. The truth. These things are happening, and none of you so called “journalists” are willing to write about it.


  16. jurney, the more i read this, the more i admire you. please get in touch. my email is my name (two words connected, no marks in between, at gmail) if you would like to be interviewed or something. your work makes me, a journalist, ashamed of myself, because i havent yet found anything as deep and intelligent written about this topic in THIS FASHION. it could be because i had too much fernet branca, but ich dont think so


  17. To the commenters who respond angry,

    Please understand that when you reply with emotion and personal truths (ie name calling) you immediately brand yourself unreasonable, irrational and having an opinion without value. Also, those who put out into the world their “knee-jerk” first thought tend to be projecting opinions they have subconsciously formed about themselves or just plain wrong.

    To the commenters who have put research and time into their responses,

    I would like to say I appreciate your understanding of how to properly form educated opinions but I urge you to be extremely careful with what you put out into the world, especially researched and well presented information. There are few things more dangerous than an intelligent person with an incorrect opinion and with the subject matter being one of this nature, very real human beings health, careers and families are at risk. I’m not saying you are wrong but before you post, please be absolute in your understanding and resolve, lest you risk damaging the pursuit of objective truth you are trying to support.

    To anyone and everyone,

    Question every opinion you have, understand your end goal when making a point (ie if being right or knowing the truth are what you want most), always be willing to be wrong, learn how to do proper research, know that you shouldn’t post anything anywhere unless you are sure of your info, understand your beliefs and opinions till the point that you are without a shadow of a doubt, respond with logic not emotion and most importantly KEEP an OPEN mind.

    Ps. I didn’t research enough to have an opinion on the emails or “pizzagate” but I want less evil/hate in the world and wanted to share these thoughts in hopes that it might help any who read it receive less and put out less unnecessary corruption.

    PPs. This took me an hour and a half to write. Even if you still are wrong, putting time and thought into decisions before you act greatly increases chances you will be right.


  18. All that and yet you NEVER cover the most unusual references to pizza. Bravo, well done. The wool is officially back over my eyes.

    Yeah right. In trying so hard to continue diverging people from looking into this you only serve your master, satan. Please run from him for all he desires is your eternal destruction while the God he HATES loves you and wants your eternal relationship.


  19. its crazy you took the time to write all this and didnt actually address and of the weird uses of pizza or even one of the emails that the pizzagate people reference as evidence. theres an email where a woman says shes gonna make sure a 7,9, and 11 year old girl are in a heated pool with jon for entertainment. that emails real, why dont you talk about that dude? this is such a dumb thing to write, youre a fucking moron.


  20. None of the emails you reference are even close to the massive amount of emails that were leaked discussing ‘hotdog stands’ ,’playing dominoes over cheese or pasta’ , or even the most disturbing E-mail from Luzzatto where she says three minor children will be available for entertainment. There are only two reasons you deliberately left out the obvious references to pedophilia. Either you were intimidated into writing something to ‘debunk’ what millions of people know is true, or, you are a sympathizer because you too have an appetite for ‘PIZZA’


  21. Obviously you are one of the NEW brand of Journalist who believe that it is your duty to cover up ANYTHING that might look bad on the Democrats! You did not reference any of the emails which included Pizza pasta. hot dogs and sauce! All code words for Peodophiles in the FBI handbook! Thanks for being another Person in the Media who COVERS UP the TRUTH!


    1. Fun coincidence: I’m right now watching SkyWatchTV’s “Fake News our Hidden Truths” with Steven Bancarz and only 25 minutes into it the evidence from OLD news articles and interviews totally nullifies so much of the covering up they were trying. So disgusting. Maranatha!


  22. illuminati rituals, 9/11 conspiracy ,curse of oak island, knights templars coalitions, area 51 (unrefuted), ancient aliens, Alex Jones admitting he was passing on untruths because he was going through a difficult time? pizzagate? only one of these subjects is an absolute truth and it involves the passing on of disinformation. any one person of the 6 billion or so on this sorry orb who can claim then provide proof to substantiate their claim I am perfectly willing to listen to, on any of these subjects! finger-pointing and conjecture is for loudmouths and shit-disturbers. I watched with my own eyes a defeated U.S. president incite his followers to riot and commit violent force against the very institutions he swore to uphold. I am neither republican or democrat but prefer to listen to platforms before choosing a lesser evil. is there any room for moderates in this new system? I believe the ex-president should be held accountable as well as explain how he can only pay $750.00 a year in taxes when I have had to pay that every two weeks while earning less than 60k per year. (the math doesn’t work!) I also believe that Biden is too old to maintain a strong leadership role on a world stage while Russia and China continue to flex. would vote for a younger strong personality with business acumen and more honest moderate language but neither party seems to be willing to bring one forward. I think a lot of people think along similar lines but neither party wants to look outside the good ol’ boys club. where to from here?


    1. You watched Trump incite violence? You are totally wrong and the facts are the people that were breaking in windows had gone to the capital hill well before he’d even finished or even STARTED his speech because of how long a walk it was. Add to that the organized disturbers in the crowd and your opinion falls apart.


      1. Trump did not incite anything on January 6th! Wake up, dig deep, set your hatred for Trump aside and take a look at the real facts. Research Ray Krebbs, take a look at the FBI, ANTIFA who was there and put on MAGA garb to portray that these were unruly actors incited by Trump. This is a joke and Nancy Pelosi and the Captal Police and others (George Soros) are behind this. The Capital Police opened up and held the doors open for people to come in and as Micheal stated Trump was not even done with his speech at the time the Capital was breached. And not to mention Trump asked for 10,000 National Guard troops and Nancy said no.


    2. Oh dear, you have fallen for their misinformation! (propoganda). I can understand your misguided anger, however. Perhaps you missed the info that Trump’s speech did not precede the so called insurrection.
      I have also seen a video just last night that showed Trump supporters literally being pulled inside by the true “insurrectionists”.
      I am unable to discern which videos or accounts are the accurate ones. Too much photo shopping, editing, etc. I am one of many Trump supporters, and quite accustomed to being described as uneducated, deplorable, etc. While that may be true in some cases, I assure you, we have the common sense that allows us to discern when a politician or a businessman has the desire to maintain our country as a beacon for freedom, not their own personal power or fortune. We also tend to think for ourselves.


    3. I’m sorry, I just reread your post and realize there were other items I needed to address. I watched the election and can tell you this. The votes reports came to a halt as it became obvious that even if Biden got 100% of the outstanding percentage of votes he would still lose. Since then I have seen enough evidence, whistleblower/witness accounts, mathematicians, statisticians, voter experts dissection, voting machine experts, ownership of voter machines, personal anecdotal accounts, to be quite confident that Joe Biden did not win the election. Viewing his mental failures since he took office, it is quite possible those fewer voters who actually voted for him now regret that.
      I take voting seriously. I research. Trump WAS the better candidate in both of the last elections. His accomplishments while in office despite the efforts against him.
      We have digressed greatly, from the topic of the article above. I am not a journalist, simply a person interested in truth and protecting those who are vulnerable. I have learned enough over the last 2 decades, I was not shocked to learn of PizzaGate, or the horrors it uncovers. Further, it is only one of the many “gates” HRC has been personally involved in, any of which would disqualify her for my vote. Joe Biden? Seriously, your initials must be DB, not intended as a slur, literal.


  23. Stop getting your news from mainstream media. It’s nothing but propaganda. has some very interesting videos that dig much deeper into the lies mainstream media is feeding you. Need to weed through the fake ones but you’ll stumble upon the real truth with a little digging in. Most of these are banned on google YouTube Facebook etc. which are all cabal/CIA controlled. Not all of us have eyes wide shut. Do your research and you’ll put together the giant puzzle of corruption and lies….if you think Russia/Ukraine is really caused by Russia wanting Ukraine back then your just following the well scripted narrative their feeding you. Wake up!!! Putin is bombing the US funded underground biological warfare labs and adrenochrome labs in Ukraine many of which were right on his border….and in the process also stumbled upon a bunker with 50+ chained kids that were part of the cabals massive international trafficking ring. Wake up people! This is real!


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